Versailles series

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I have done a unique collaboration with designer rajdeep ranwat.

About the design:

Versailles itself resonates the images of luxury, fashion and grandeur. It was the symbol of monarchy at its peak. The Palace of Versailles constitutes one of the finest achievements of French art of the 17th century where magnificence and splendor is seen unparalleled anywhere in Europe.

The feel behind it:
The Palace of Versailles was executed in the French Baroque style, characterized by its large curved forms, twisted columns, high domes, and complicated shapes. Its interiors were characterized by richly woven fabrics or brocades, heavy gilded plaster molding and heavy marbling. Its French formal garden style, or jardin a la franchise were characterized by its meticulously manicured lawns, parterres of flowers, numerous fountains, and sculptures.
Using these as guidelines, Rajdeep Ranawat creates a fresh new contemporary collection with elements of the French affluence. Incorporating the interiors lavish details in his prints, the designer has created an autumn winter collection in rich hues that symbolizes the French fashion of that bygone era.
Split into a palette of six stories that complement the changing seasonal mood as the year concludes, Versailles by Rajdeep Ranawat delivers a sinuous impression that can be easily incorporated into any chiffonier.

I shot this french art kaftaan .
Paired it with black denims and block heels! 

To give it a vintage feel styled it tassel earrings and red roses.

I am already in love the Versailles collection, 

You can check out the collection at

I hope you guys loved the look.
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