Bold and fearless

Bold and fearless.

what comes in your mind first when you hear these words?
so, you all are familiar to this quote-be fearless,be bold and be you.
lets take it to the another level.
for me bold and fearless is being audacious and pert all together.
being a girl, a daughter ,a sister and the n.. number of forms...
I have learned and experienced that you have to be strong to keep your head high no matter 
how much people and society drag you down.
this post is all about the bold side of me.

now coming up to the look i created.
I feel black and white are the colors that elucidate the inner self.
i paired this white shoulder cut-out top with a black skater skirt.
sounds simple?
heading over to what i did to transform the look.
i did these boxer braids or kim braids and smokey eyes with dark metallic lips.
sassy much?
so to complete the look
i took these black shoes from forever 21 
so this is my personal favourite.
summing up the whole thing,
refuse to be average, and trust me its kind of fun to do the impossible.
look description:
top-zara , skirt- h&m , shoes- forever21.
further details:
photography- rv_ratulvirmani
i hope you guys loved the look.
keep loving and supporting :)


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