campus fall look

hey guys!

i hope you all are doing good!


So as fall is here,

And I am back with another look.

For all the college fashionistas turning head, this is a chilled-out one keeping in mind the chill in the air.


In the morning when you open your wardrobe, the perennial question is,

What should I wear today?

Even if that is sorted, what footwear and accessories would be perfect to pair up with?

So, I have styled this look which is understated yet stylish.

Printed cropped sweatshirt with black denim,
sexy much!!
Campus is all about being on your toes and so a comfort-footwear is bliss.

Picked these flip-on flats from Reliance Footprints to pair my outfit with,

aren’t they a perfect choice?

We all need that perfect everyday go-to footwear that you can just slip in and pair with a lot of combinations.

This one is certainly mine and it is affordable too.

What more can I ask for?

A little glitter, super classy and comfy, thanks Reliance Footprint for being so awesome.

Completed the look with this candy colored backpack

 and my all-time favorite cat-eye frames,

do tell me if you loved this look?


Look details-

Flats-Reliance Footprint


Backpack-candidly couture.


further details-



Link to the website-

Link to footwear-




i hope you guys loved the look.

keep loving and supporting:)


much love;)


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